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The college held a promotion for 2020 graduates

Date:2020-04-22        Views:15

At 14:00 on April 22, the college held a video conference to promote the work of graduates in 2020. Dean Dai Daoming and deputy secretary Xu Cuiping attended the meeting. The counselors (class teachers) of each graduating class and the college graduate employment liaisions attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the secretary of the party committee Wu Yongduo.

On the meeting, the class teacher in charge of each graduating class reported the students’ situations of taking the examination of graduate school, obtaining employments, thought tendencies, as well as the existence difficulties and suggestions respectively. Dai Daoming gave graduate employment and the work of the postgraduate entrance examination a mobilization again, he asked the class teachers to further strengthen the employment guidance and the work of the postgraduate entrance examination, do mobilization early, deployed early, arrange early, guide students prepare for second interview of the postgraduate entrance examination, urge students to participate in more employment recruitment activities, make reasonable employment expectations and get employed first choose careers again. Xu Cuiping made arrangements for the education management of graduates returning to school and required the head teacher to study and publicize The guide for students returning to school in Anhui province (3) seriously, so as to educate students to make personal protection and return to school according to the school notice.

Finally, Wu Yongduo conveyed the spirit of the meeting on April 15 to promote the employment of graduates, stressing the need to further improve the political position and fully realize the annual employment target of graduates. He emphasized we need mobilize the enthusiasm of student cadres and establish the guidance statistical system of class students as well as grasp the key students and do the targeted guidance well at the same time. He also said we should do a good job in epidemic prevention education and safety education management for students returning to school.

                                                                                                                                         (Writing by Zhuo Yan,      Reviewing by Wu Yongduo)