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The School of Management Science and Engineering (SMSE) was founded in July 2010. Adhering to the AUFE motto of integrity, erudition, knowledge and practice and the SMSE motto of morality, erudition, truth-seeking and practice, guided by the human resources market demand, SMSE offers student-centered learning programs, which combinate the theoretical and practical teaching, in class learning and extracurricular learning, online learning and offline learning, teaching activities and scientific research activities, to cultivates high-level application-oriented undergraduates with innovative spirit and practical ability.

At present, SMSE has 5 teaching departments, 1 experimental center, 1 MEM educational center and offers 6 undergraduate programs as well as 2 master's programs. SMSE now has 115 faculty members, including 95 full-time teachers, 17 professors, 38 associate professors, 45 doctorsa few doctoral candidates are includedand 30 are now working as master tutors. Among the faculty members, 2 have been awarded Provincial Academic and Technical Leaders candidates, 2 awarded Provincial Excellent Teachers, 2 awarded Provincial New Star Teachers, 4 awarded AUFE Academic and Technical Leaders, 6 awarded AUFE Academic and Technical Leaders candidates, 5 awarded AUFE Excellent Teachers, 5 awarded AUFE New Star Teachers, 24 awarded AUFE backbone Teachers, 7 awarded the Longhu Scholar. SMSE also hired many experts as part-time professors from famous universities, scientific research institutions, government agencies and well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

In recent years, SMSE has made remarkable achievements in discipline construction and specialty development. We were honored C-level in the fourth round of discipline evaluation of the first level discipline of management science and engineering, which was 12th place among the national wide financial universities, and ranked 112th in the Best Chinese Subjects Ranking in 2018. At present, SMSE have 2 provincial characteristic specialties, 2 provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialties, 1 provincial teaching team, 2 provincial excellent program projects, 1 provincial famous teacher studio, 1 provincial revitalization plan project, 1 provincial six excellence, one top outstanding undergraduate training innovation project, 2 provincial college student maker promotion projects, 8 provincial curriculum development projects, 4 provincial smart classroom pilot projects, 2 provincial large-scale online open courses programs.

In the past three years, SMSE has undertaken 142 provincial and university level undergraduate teaching projects, 3 National Social Science Fund projects, 2 National Natural Science Fund projects, 1 humanities and social science project of the Ministry of education, 37 Anhui Provincial Social and Natural Science Fund Projects. Our faculties have got 4 monographs and 259 academic papers published, and 28 of them have won awards for scientific research achievements. 1 won National Teaching Achievement Award, 34 won provincial and university level teaching achievement awards, 12 won provincial and university level teaching competitions awards.

SMSE now has 2262 undergraduates and postgraduates together. We adhere to the principle of moral cultivation, take subject competition as the carrier, pay attention to the cultivation of students' application ability and innovation ability, and strive to cultivate managers who understand technology and engineers who knows the art of management. Every year, students are organized to participate in various competitions such as intelligent automobile competition, electronic design competition, computer design competition and China robot competition. In the past three years, students have won 53 national awards, 534 provincial awards and 843 university awards. For many years, our graduates have maintained high employment rate, high employment quality and are highly praised by employers because of their solid theoretical foundation, innovative spirit, good team spirit and adaptability. In the past three years, the employment rate of undergraduates is 97.22%, 95.35%, 95.35% respectively, and that of postgraduates is 100%.