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Ding Zhongming, secretary of the party committee and principal of the school,went to the college to announce the new leading cadres and guide the work

Date:2020-04-08        Views:18

On the morning of April 7, 2020, the party secretary and principal Ding Zhongming led He Peihong, the standing committee of the party committee and the head of the organization department to the college to announce the new leading cadres and guide the work, and the cadres at or above the college level and the heads of grass-roots teaching organizations attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wu Yongduo, secretary of the sub-party committee.

Ding Zhongming made a speech after listening carefully to the speeches made by the new leaders of the college. He pointed out that the adjustment of the administrative leadership team of the college is a decision made by the school party committee after listening to public opinion widely, taking into account the professional development needs of the college disciplines and the overall construction needs of the school cadres. The former leadership of the college has made many contributions to the development of the college construction and laid a good foundation. At present, the college teachers and students to maintain the spirit of striving for success, the overall development trend of construction is positive. From a strategic height and a global perspective, he put forward the requirements and expectations for the new leadership and the work of the college: First, to study seriously and improve the political stance,continue to learn and understand Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and adhere to socialist orientation of running a school; Second, take the initiative to create a new situation in the work of the college. The development of modern information technology has a profound and extensive impact on economy, society and university talent training, and at present, the global spread of new crown pneumonia has had a certain impact on the economic and social development, and has also had an impact on the professional construction of school disciplines and education and teaching. College should take the initiative to study the new situation, actively adapt to the new changes, continue to explore and actively practice in personnel training and discipline construction to support the development strategy of new economy and management of university. The third is to strengthen unity and maintain the situation of the college's endeavor and development; the leading cadres should perform their duties and fulfill their respective responsibilities, not offside or vacancy, and lead the teachers and students of the college to promote the work of the college to a new level.

He Peihong read out the decision of the school party committee on the appointment of Dai Daoming as dean of the college and the school's decision to appoint Wei Ruibin as assistant dean of the college.

Wu Yongduo made a statement on behalf of the college leadership team, he expressed his firm support for the decision of the school party committee and administration, and sincerely thanked the school leadership for their concern and support for the development of the college's construction. The college would take this leadership team rotation adjustment as an opportunity to effectively unify ideas and understanding to the decision-making and deployment of the school party committee, the wisdom and strength of the college's scientific development of the real needs, further implement the new economy and management development strategy, promote the new engineering project construction, and constantly improve the quality of personnel training. In the future, we should focus on four aspects of the work, one is to effectively assume the main responsibility of political leadership, the other is to earnestly grasp the leadership team's own construction, the third is to promote the construction and development of the college, and the fourth is to vigorously create a clean atmosphere of the college. He stated that in the future under the strong leadership of the school party committee, college leaders would strengthen communication, cooperate with others ,treat others honestly, live up to the expectations of the school party committee, lead the whole school teachers and students to write a new chapter in the construction and development of the college.

Dai Daoming, the new dean of the college, first thanked the party and government leaders of the school for their trust in his statement. And he said that in the future, he would strive to strengthen theoretical learning and improve political stance; unite the team, serve the overall situation, lead the whole faculty and staff to concentrate their efforts, and promote the development of the college's work; create a new situation in the work of the college with the concept of taking on practical responsibilities, practicality ,exploration and innovation; observe law and discipline, be incorruptible and self-disciplined. The new assistant dean, Wei Ruibin in his statement said that in the future, he would firm in his ideological conviction and complete the mission; genuinely improve our conduct, carry out official duties honestly, work steadily for progress, and dare to innovate in the work, adhere to the school motto of integrity, erudition, unity of knowledge and practice and the college motto of virtue, erudition, truth-seeking and practice.

                                                                                                              (contributed by: Yang Lili;   reviewed by: Wu Yongduo)