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Teaching supervision and inspection of online courses in 2019-2020-2 semester

Date:2020-04-17        Views:12

All Schools and Teaching Departments,


According to the regulation issued by the educational administration office, all Schools and Teaching Department need to start a online teaching supervision and inspection program on Apr. 20th. The supervision and inspection will focus on the following areas of teaching:

1) Upload of teaching materials (syllabus, academic calendar, courseware, lecture notes, etc.)

2) Usage of teaching platform (Chaoxing, Dingding, QQ, wechat, etc.) 

3) Usage of teaching methods (live broadcast, video broadcast, MOOCS, case discussion, etc.) 

4) Classroom interaction. 

5) assignment and feedback of homework (whether give and correct the homework in time, etc.) 

6) Class attendance (attendance rate, attendance time, etc.)

7) Teaching effect. 

8) Online teaching schedule (generally, Online teaching schedule should be consistent with the curriculum schedule, but, off-peak online teaching is allowed).


Please be aware that the program will be carried out mainly through Chaoxing platform. Teacher who uses other online teaching platform need to mark name of your teaching platform, teaching method, online teaching schedule, etc. in the notice section of your Chaoxing platform.