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A centralized study meeting of the central group of the Party committee was held in school of management science and engineering

Date:2020-04-22        Views:16

On the afternoon of April 20, a centralized study meeting of the central group of the Party committee was held in the reference room. Members of the Party committee, leaders of our school, and section-level cadres participated in the meeting, which was presided over by Yongduo Wu, Secretary of the Party committee.

In the meeting, participants focused on the spirit of the 2020 National Conference of propaganda ministers, the meeting  of United Front ministers, as well as the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on April 17th. Yongduo Wu summarized the meeting and he pointed out that we should promote positive energy and invigorate our spirits. Based on deepening the propaganda of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, we should publicize the heroic deeds emerging in the fight against the epidemic, the teaching experts and scientific research pacesetters, the excellent personnel in CET-4 and CET-6 and the volunteers in the fight against the epidemic of our school, and further improve our energetic state. We should be good at unity and actively seek development, and actively listen to different opinions and gather the wisdom of teachers and students, so that we can creatively do the various work well under the prevention and control of normalized epidemic situation. We should grasp the general direction and continue to think about reform, and deeply understand the spirit of the national education conference. We should also think about the impact of the new crown epidemic on education and teaching. We want to turn crisis into opportunity, and think about the reform of education and teaching, so that we can promote the management and service of teaching and scientific research of our school as a whole.

In the meeting, Cuiping Xu, deputy secretary, Yong Xu and Ruibin Wei, vice presidents, Xiaomei Hu, a member of the Party committee and other participants make a speech one after another around the learning theme combined with the actual work. They respectively talked about their experience from the aspects of strengthening ideological guidance, curriculum ideological and political education, discipline construction, teaching reform, etc. They believed that we should sum up the experience of education and teaching in the epidemic situation as well as promote the reform of teaching ideas and methods. They thought that we should carry out San Quan education and the implement of ideological and political courses, as well as cultivate talents with all-round development and strengthen the Four Self-Confidence of students.

                     (Contributor: Yuanhua Fan, Reviewed by: Yongduo Wu)