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Online training meeting of comprehensive quality assessment for students was heldq

Date:2020-04-14        Views:99

On the evening of April 5, the online training meeting of comprehensive quality assessment was held in school of management science and engineering, which was presided over by Xiaoyuan Hu, the director of comprehensive assessment and full-time counselor. Counselors (head teachers) and main student leaders of all classes and grades attended the training meeting.

This training meeting mainly made a detailed interpretation of The comprehensive quality assessment method for ordinary undergraduate students of Anhui University of Finance and economics., focusing on the importance of comprehensive quality evaluation, evaluation procedures, evaluation contents and scoring methods, precautions and scholarship selection, etc. In order to further enhance full understanding of the content and implementation process of the comprehensive quality assessment of the counselors (head teachers) and students, Xiaoyuan Hu displayed the basic scores as well as bonus and minus scores of moral education, intellectual education, physical training one by one through the relevant forms. In the online live broadcast training meeting, she pointed out that the comprehensive quality assessment is a complicated students’ affair management work. However, it is closely related to the interests of students, which is the basis of awards for students. Therefore, it is hoped that all classes must attach great importance to it and carefully review each bonus point and basis to achieve fairness, openness and fairness.

Through this training, each class, especially the class of 2019 freshmen, systematically understood the importance of the comprehensive quality assessment, and accurately grasped the requirements and specific operation process of the comprehensive quality assessment, which laid a good foundation for us to smoothly carry out the next step of the comprehensive quality assessment for students.

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